1-2-1 Therapy

What is CBT?

CBT is one of a number of talking therapies based on the theory that thoughts, feelings, our behaviour and what going through our body are all connected. Through CBT we better understand these and we can alter the others to improve our wellbeing. 

CBT has a good evidence base for a wide range of mental health problems in adults, older adults, young people and children. 

The research has been reviewed by NICE (nation institute for health and clinical excellence) who provide independent, evidence based guidance. 

What to Expect

  • You will meet one on one with a therapist.
  • The number of session’s will be dependent upon your needs, the difficulty you need help with and your preference.
  • Your Psychotherapist will help you understand your current difficulties, how they have developed and how they are maintained. 
  • Your therapist will help you develop meaningful change.
  • You will develop and set goals in collaboration with your therapist.
  • Sessions will be structured with areas of focus, agenda’s and tasks/reflections to complete between sessions.

Difficulties we can treat

  • Depression (including postnatal)
  • Low self esteem
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD)
  • Health anxiety
  • Social anxiety
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Specific Phobia and Agoraphobia
  • Panic Disorder
  • Body Dismorphic Disorder (BDD)
  • Eating disorders
  • Stress
  • Bereavement
  • Adjustment to Long term health conditions

We specialise in Long term Health Conditions. We have exceptional training and experience of providing CBT therapy on a one on one basis and group setting for conditions such as: 

  • Chronic pain
  • Medically unexplained symptoms
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • COPD
  • Coronary Heart Disease