Corporate Wellness packages

Thrive Subscription Bundles

Silver Bundle

Two online wellbeing courses.

Wellbeing and Psychometric testing.

Mental health literature.

Same bundle content as the “Silver Bundle”, plus more.

Yearly General Practitioner access.

Yearly Physiotherapist access including massage therapy.

Bespoke Bundle

Tailoring to the specific needs of an enterprise.

We develop and deliver training and workshops on topics related to Mental Health in the workplace. Our packages vary from 2-hour workshops to training packages delivered over a few sessions, and can be conducted remotely and in person.

We strive to cover and include key areas of learning in the field of workplace wellbeing and mental health, whilst also priding ourselves in offering adaptive packages specified to your enterprise or industry.

Our sessions are interactive, informative and leave attendees with applicable skills and knowledge they can apply immediately.

TitleDescriptionTarget Participants
Mental Health AwarenessReduce stigma and generate awareness and understanding for everyone. Exploring common mental health problems, how they present themselves and why they matter in work. Staff and management
Staying ‘Connected’How should leaders engage with staff during periods of difficulty? Learn how to apply empathic communication and problem-solving skills to ensure your best assets are managed and supported effectively.Managers and organisation leads
Spotting & Preventing BurnoutBurnout is a major cause of workplace absence and staff turnover. Everyone holds some responsibility for managing burnout, their own and those they lead. Develop the tools to catch it early, and respond proactively to maintain wellbeing.Staff and management 
Resilience in the WorkplaceWhat is resilience and why does it matter in the workplace? Evidence based methods to develop and enhance a resilient work force. Staff and management
Working with long term health conditions and chronic painwork environments will always have an impact on our physical health as well as our mental health. This workshop aims to provide enough understanding and skills to manage long term conditions, medically unexplained symptoms and chronic pain within the work environment. This is especially critical following covid 19 and long covid symptoms.Managers and organisation leads
Mental Health & Leadership trainingA multicomponent program, addressing topics including mental health in the workforce, understanding your organisations wellbeing culture, and simple solutions to effectively work towards becoming champions in workplace wellbeing. Managers and organisation leads
Staying WellEquip your team with practical solutions to apply both before and during periods of stress or difficulty, with this short course. 3 x 2hr workshops, exploring the basics of CBT and addressing common areas of difficulty, teaching evidence-based solutions with practical examples.Staff and management

Our Assessment Packages

Bespoke package Phase 1

Assess and Report – We will engage you and your staff through a variety of methods, exploring and identifying key themes on wellbeing in your enterprise. This phase is you and your team’s opportunity to have your voices heard on what really matters in your organisation. Following which, we will produce a report on our outcomes, along with a summary of what specific steps you can take next.

Bespoke Package Phase 3

Review and Problem Solve – In our final phase, we will return to review how Phase 2 has gone, what feedback has been generated and problem solve on any areas that can be improved upon.

Supporting individuals with personalised treatment, helping them build understanding and methods of moving through periods of poor mental health.

We offer an advisory service where we can work closely with managers and leaders to assess and consult on the working environment and identify areas of improvement. 

If you needed any more reasons to sign up, take a look at these figures:

An average employee costs its organisation £1491 per year in the North West, and £2277 in London, for poor mental health.

Absenteeism costs the UK employer 2 billion in 2020.

Presenteeism cost the UK employer 27-29 billion is 2020. This has reportedly risen since 2017 from 16-26 billion. Staff turnover cost UK employers 7.9 billion in 2017, this has also risen to 9 billion in 2020.

For the average medium sized enterprise in the Greater Manchester area, this equates to £146,118 per year, at least, lost to poor mental health and wellbeing.

If trends continue, Mental Health factors will cost UK employers 129 billion by 2031.

Organisation wide culture change on wellbeing can have a return of investment of 6 to 1.
Proactive training (eg. wellbeing packages) indicate a higher ROI at 5 to 1, over reactive support (eg. 6 sessions of CBT) at 3 to 1.